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Lavish Beauty Salon provides premium hair extensions transformation services, using the most advanced technologies to achieve flawless results. Our team of professional stylists are certified and experienced in creating the perfect look for every client. We believe that beauty is not just about the exterior, it's about self-empowerment. That's why we strive to help our clients feel confident and beautiful inside and out. Come visit us today and discover a new dimension of beauty.

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Professional Extension Brands

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Great Lengths

Bellami Professional



Founded in Rome, in 1992, Great Lengths has been defining excellence in the world of hair extensions for over 30 years. The quality of hair, range of colors, their ethics, and stylist support are what make Great Lengths the industry’s leader in luxury hair extensions.

Great Lengths hair is sourced in India, and hand crafted in Italy. The hair is Remy and Double Drawn, following the natural direction of growth and with the same length from root to tip. This allows for the most luxurious, long lasting, and discreet hair extensions.


Great Lengths offers a collection of colors named "Natural" because all these different and magnificent shades have the ability to please all customers and all tastes. There are 43 Natural colors and they are categorized by color families. Strands of hair are carefully hand-blended in order to create the most natural possible color. Subsequently, many different shades are added, to increase the color depth and mimic the natural appearance of human hair. 

In case you didn’t know, we offer Bellami Professional hair extensions. What makes Bellami hair extensions stand out compared to other hair extension brands is the quality of the extensions that they offer. They are world renowned for high quality hair extensions that are consistently top notch.

Another fantastic fact about Bellami Professional hair extensions is that they have six different methods of application. Options include: tape in hair extensions, keratin tip hair extensions, I-tip hair extensions, volume weft hair extensions, hand-tied weft hair extensions, and clip in hair extensions. They also offer over fifty different shades that include balayage hair, ombre, sombre, and rooted looks.

As the global innovators of the tape-in hair extension, Hairtalk continues to be the leading extensions company in over 40 countries today.  Our 100% Remy human hair coupled with three band sizes and two band styles results in the most comfortable and customizable tape-in extension experience. With over 50 colors ranging from Colormelts to rooted, platinum, and more, our commitment is to provide the highest quality product innovation to meet the needs of every client.

hairtalk®’s Bond-Preserving Lightening Technology is a cutting-edge, science-based processing technique that addresses quality issues in the hair extension industry. Aimed at boosting the durability of its Remy human hair extensions, this advanced technology works to maintain the integrity of the hair’s structure.

Not wanting to exclude any hair method, hairtalk® introduced its Advanced Lightening Technology to every extension it offers. Experience the unprecedented strength of hairtalk® hair–from keratin extensions to tape-in extensions to weft hair extensions.

No damaging glues, waxes, weaves or heat. DreamCatchers method of attachment is through a Micro Cylinder with 27 beautiful colors to chose from; DreamCatchers is 100% Human Hair that can be re-used for continuous enjoyment of beautiful hair.

They are the only hair extension company that has the quality of hair can be re-used for this amount of time because of the unique formula used. With most of hair extension companies, the hair has to be replaced after every use which can become costly. DreamCatchers is 100 % European Remy Human Hair with all cuticles still in tact. This allows the hair extension to retain the moisture as your natural hair does. With a color swatch that has 27 beautiful colors to chose from our method of attachment is applied by a micro cylinder that can be adjusted every 6-8 weeks.

Silky White Fabric
Silky White Fabric

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